GNU/Tang Clan

5th place

5000 points


Challenge Category Value Time
Going into the computer Noob50
Going deeper Noob100
The Pleb Becomes the Skid Noob150
Standing up for a cause Noob200
Living off the land-ish Noob250
Don't Tell The Robots Web150
The Source of All Evil Web150
The Party Starts on IRC Misc100
Still alive.. Misc100
LOOOOOL! Misc150
In Plain Sight Misc200
And So It Begins Crypto100
Old School, Yeah Crypto150
Bellaso can't handle my Tabula Recta Crypto200
Guess the Password Reverse Engineering150
In the Library Reverse Engineering250
Article Viewer Web250
Online Calculator Pwn200
Becoming the Master Noob500
Can't Handle My Database Web200
Privilege Escalation Pwn300
Transposing all the things! Crypto250
Overflow Playground Pwn500
I need a what? Crypto350